Please be kind fellow trainers...

The Wonderlocke is a way of introducing extra randomness into your playthrough. The usual Nuzlocke rules apply:

1. A fainted Pokemon is dead and cannot be reused

2. You must catch the first Pokemon you find on each route

However - once you capture a Pokemon, you must trade it away via Wonder Trade. This means that your final team will be completely dependent on the Pokemon that other trainers around the world have sent for Wonder Trade.

One caveat - if you already have the Pokemon you receive via Wonder Trade, you may trade again until you get a new one - also known as a dupes (duplicates) clause.

Due to the fact that this mode requires Wonder Trade - it is only compatible with games that have this feature (the Gen VI and VII 3DS games) & you must have an internet connection.

Wonder Trade.webp

here's an example...

A hugely popular Wonderlocke run from Poketuber MandJTV - enjoy!