No Damage Taken

Just... Wow.

One of the most incredible Pokémon playthroughs of all time - and one which many thought was impossible. There is one rule and one rule only.


If any Pokémon on your team takes any damage for any reason (i.e. direct damage, status infliction, damage as a result of Pokémon abilities) - you lose and must go back to the previous Gym.


Priority moves and forced double battles make an already painfully difficult challenge even more difficult.

Matrix No Damage.jpg

here's an example...

An extremely impressive playthrough by Youtuber SmallAnt - who has attempted some other crazy gaming challenges in his time. Reaction videos from other Pokétubers are below for your enjoyment.

reaction videos


Reaction #1  (the image says it all)


Reaction #2 (from the Pokémon video game World Champion, no less)