Monotype Nuzlocke

A twist on the original

To add an extra layer of challenge to your Nuzlocke - restrict yourself to using only ONE type of Pokémon on your team - for example, Psychic types. This can greatly increase the difficulty as you will be at a significant disadvantage against certain trainers (for example, a Psychic-only team will have a hard time against a Dark-type trainer).


This ruleset encourages players to think even more carefully around their approach to beating the game. For example, the use of berries to weaken super-effective moves and careful planning of the moveset for each Pokémon can be critical.


In some cases, Pokétubers will tweak the traditional Nuzlocke rules when doing a monotype run:


  • The trainer is able to catch one of each species of Pokémon of their selected type, rather than just the first Pokémon found on each route (e.g. the trainer can catch a Caterpie if they are doing a bug-type run, regardless of whether Caterpie is found first on any particular route or not).

  • Additionally, trainers may decide to give each of their Pokémon a certain number of lives rather than using the rule of a K.O meaning permanent death. This is to counter the fact that a monotype run will generally lead to the trainer have less available Pokémon to fall back on in their P.C when compared to a regular Nuzlocke.

Bug Pokemon Banner.jpg

here's an example...

An excellent playthrough of Pokémon Sword by Pokétuber 'aDrive' using only Bug types - known as the 'Buglocke'