Human Controlled AI

Youngster Joey used... tactics?

One of the elements of the Pokémon games which cause them to be too easy in a normal playthrough is the plain stupidity of most of the trainers.


Your Pokémon is a special attacker and has used only special attacks so far in the battle? Prepare for the opposing trainer to use Growl several times over.


Well.. not in this playthrough. Pokémon video game World Champion WolfeyVGC controls all rival trainers in the game - which makes easy battles difficult, and difficult battles (such as Sabrina) extremely difficult. This playthrough uses a mod (obviously) but is a lot of fun to watch - enjoy!


here's an example...

Another great playthrough from Youtuber SmallAnt (with AI controlled by WolfeyVGC) - using a modded version of Pokémon Blue.