The Nuzlocke Marathon

A Hatelocke is a very unique way of attempting a Pokemon Nuzlocke... mainly because it involves MULTIPLE playthroughs. The concept is simple.... it's a Nuzlocke which spans several games. The games you choose to play are up to you - some players will play one game from each Gen of the main series (e.g. Red, Gold, Ruby etc). Some players (who are simply gluttons for punishment) will play EVERY game in the main series (e.g. Red, Blue AND Yellow!)

The Nuzlocke rules apply throughout. If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and cannot be re-used. This applies to the ENTIRE series of playthroughs. For example, if your Pikachu faints in Yellow, you cannot use Pikachu (or Raichu - as this rule applies to evolutionary lines) for any of your remaining games. Brutal, huh?

One thing to bear in mind, as usual you are only allowed to catch the first Pokemon you find on each route. If this Pokemon happens to be a Pokemon you already have (either alive or dead), this encounter doesn't count and you are allowed to catch another.

This type of playthrough requires some serious planning. Good luck, Trainers!


examples welcome!

If you have a great example of a Hatelocke playthrough - please let us know on Reddit or Twitter!