Extra Nuzlocke Rules

For those who want to suffer...

Additional rules on catching Pokémon


  • The player may only catch the first Pokémon after each Gym battle instead of in each area.

  • The number of Poké Balls able to be purchased per Poké Mart is limited to a certain number.

  • Master Balls may not be used.

  • Legendary Pokémon may not be captured.

  • Poké Balls may not be used. Any Pokémon obtained must be either given to the player or hatched from an Egg.


Additional rules on healing Pokémon

  • Potions and status-healing items may not be used, so the player may only use Pokémon Centers for healing.

  • Or, Pokémon Centers may not be used, meaning only Potions and items may be used for healing.

  • The player is limited in their Pokémon Center visits to a certain number per town.

Additional rules on battling


  • The player must use the same number of Pokémon as the opponent uses during a Gym battle or rival battle.

  • The battle style must be changed to "set" in the options menu, meaning the player does not get the opportunity to switch out their Pokémon after an opponent's Pokémon faints.

  • A black out/white out is considered to be a "game over," even if there are usable Pokémon left in the PC, and the player must start over.

  • Held items may not be used.

  • The player may not flee from battle.

  • The player may not use Pokémon above a certain level limit based on the level of the next Gym Leader/Elite Four/Champion's highest leveled Pokémon. What to do with Pokémon in a player's collection that surpass the level limit is up to the player.

Additional rules on usable Pokémon

  • The player's Starter Pokémon must be randomly chosen. A common system is if the last digit of the player's Trainer ID number is 1-3, the player must choose the Grass-type starter; if it is 4-6, the Fire-type starter; if it is 7-9, the Water-type starter; if it is 0, free choice.

  • The player's Starter Pokémon must be released or permanently put into a PC box after the first wild Pokémon is caught.

  • The player may not evolve their captured Pokémon, but evolved Pokémon may still be caught.


Other rules


  • Poké Marts may not be used; the only items that may be used are those found in the overworld or given to the player by NPCs.

  • The Day Care may not be used.

  • The Exp. Share may not be used. (This does not apply to Sword or Shield, where the Exp. Share can't be disabled.)

  • Quality-of-life features, such as Pokémon-Amie, the DexNav, or Super Training, may not be used.

  • Any type of candy that helps level up your Pokemon (such as rare candy or Exp. Candy) may not be used

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here's an example...

A standard Nuzlocke from Pokétuber 'FlygonHG' with a few extra rules thrown in, such as:


1. No items allowed to be used in battle

2. No levelling past the next Gym Leader/Elite Four member

3. Battle Mode must be on 'Set'