The original, undiluted Nuzlocke rules

est. 2010

One of the most difficult Pokémon challenges imaginable. If you take damage, you lose.

Select a Generation of Pokémon and stick to it for the entire playthrough.

No thank you Nurse Joy I would not like you to heal my Pokemon.

An additional twist on the original Nuzlocke rules - only Pokémon with a specific type can be used.

Another almost inconceivable Pokémon playthrough - no dealing ANY direct damage.

Zubat, Rattata and Pidgey. All your favourites.

For those who want to Nuzlocke their Nuzlocke.

A selection of additional Nuzlocke rules that players have used to make their playthroughs even more challenging.

16884 resets. Only shiny Pokémon allowed (including the starter).

Dual-type Pokémon are banned - so expect minimal coverage!

A more romantic way of spicing up your playthrough, aww.....

Put your fate in the hands of trainers around the world... sounds sensible right?

How about a Nuzlocke with a friend? 

Nuzlocke - Marathon Mode